Our beads are artistically handmade without molds. Each individual bead is original, one-of-a-kind, and collectible.

Our work is available only in select galleries or by commission.

For inquiries please use the email below.

Ondine Glassworks
Jeanine Owen

Your pets and animal stories are inspiring.

Our beads are inspired by nature and all animals. Feel welcome to share your stories and pictures with us and your pet may be the inspiration behind a new bead creation.

If a bead is created that truly resembles your request, we are pleased to email you a picture with an option to purchase first and also show it on the front page of the website with a short tribute.

Animal and pet pictures are welcome by email or regular mail. Kindly include information about your pet such as name, age, breed type, and distinguishing characteristics.

If you choose to send actual photographs by mail for a non-obligatory request, please include a sase for their safe return.

If pet photographs are mailed with a pre-paid custom order they will be safely returned with shipment of your new bead purchase.

For current available work, please contact:

PISMO Fine Art Glass
Cherry Creek North
2770 East Second Street
Denver, CO 80206