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Beauty is everywhere a welcome guest. ~ Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe ~

My name is Jeanine Owen and my glass education began as scientific glassblower. From test tubes to marbles, bottles, and beads, an interest in all glass remains.

These beads reflect my life and my own backyard is a source of many ideas. From source to inspiration then expression, new work is created. Imparting the work with an essence of character requires continuing effort and developing of new processes and techniques. If my creations along the way of this continuous artistic journey please or touch the heart of someone I am happy.

Ever dependable as a source of inspiration are the animals. Our cats are the ordinary street cat variety adopted from the neighborhood, spayed or neutered and then released in our yard. Safe and cared for, they are glad to entertain and inspire ideas for new beads. Appreciated also is the occasional guest opossum and a host of other creatures who enjoy a visit to the backyard compost. There is a space held for another dog, but it is difficult to replace the one who was near perfect.

I appreciate your interest in my work and hope that a tour of the Ondine Galleries may give you cause to smile and return to visit again.

The glass studio workshop is in NE Florida and not far from the ocean. The business name Ondine was selected simply because it is a pretty and artistic name to sell what I feel is artfully made glass.